Monday, August 22, 2011

Negative Space

Who I am now
Who am I now
talking about the man who once talked.
And in speaking spoke with
great gratitude.
Who am
Who aren't is who am I now.
Who I am will not be
the incantation spoken
nor the reverberation in his throat.
Who is the melody of energy
that is the asphyxiation of
you and me.
Who is the puzzle of bodies
transfixed on questions of ontology.
Who is speaking spoke with
arms of legs of signifier's closed eyes.
Who is the melody body.
Transfixed with ontology
who is speaking spoke
with reverberation in his throat.
Who is the soothsayer, the soothsayer who I am.
Namer of all incantations.
Who is a pear.

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